Survey Form

The Kenya Government through the ICT Authority is rolling out Digital skills training to 20 Million Citizens. The overall objective of the digital skills programme is to equip the Kenyan citizenry with the relevant Digital skills to operate effectively under the digital economy.
The training includes; - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Digital Skills and ICT Security. 

The data collected in this form will only be used for the sole purpose of need assessment for digital skills training. By filling this form, you have consented to take part in the survey.

If Basic, kindly note that the following ICT skills will be offered;

  1. Basic ICT Fundamentals and awareness.

  2. Basic Internet Basic operations and etiquette.

  3. Basic ICT Productivity tool Applications (word, excel, PowerPoint).

  4. Basic computer hardware and software components.

  5. Basic computer security.

  6. ICT Ethics and Governance.

  7. Operating systems, Installation and customization.

  8. Using Government e services portals (Helb, Itax, Kuccps, E-Citizen, etc).

  9. Use of smart devices and E-commerce.

If Intermediate, kindly note that following the ICT skills will be offered;

  1. ICT Based Applications.

  2. Intermediate computer security

  3. Internet Operations.

  4. Digital graphic design.

  5. Digital marketing and ecommerce.

  6. Computer maintenance and Support.

If advanced/expert, kindly note that the following ICT skills will be offered;

  1. Emerging Technologies.

  2. Computer Databases.

  3. Project management.

  4. Cyber security.

  5. Data communications and computer networks.